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COVID-19 Lockdown 2.0

I promise, I had meant for this to be a regular post. My goodness, how life gets in the way! My next blog was supposed to be about, and compiled while we we were in lockdown 1.0. However, that never happened, I'm sorry. So, let's try now.

How did you go with lockdown, I mean the first one here in Victoria? We have had to close our car doors (for obvious reasons). Wineries closed their cellar doors. We homeschooled a prep student, with a 3 year old helping. We drank wine. We started with a 2year old and 5year old, they both had birthdays in isolation. We've had a few birthdays. We did the normal; planted lots of vegetables, made a brilliant sour dough, then somehow managed to kill our starter. We drank wine. I have updated the website. I am working behind the scenes on the Victorian Wine Show (crossing our fingers that it is able to proceed). We have laughed. We have cried. We have simultaneously loved and hated lockdown.

We were cautious in our return to socialisation. School returned, which resulted in an endless cascade of croup and chest infections, ultimately COVID-19 testing. However, we had started getting back to the wineries we love and miss so dearly. Re-stocking. We drank wine. We even bought a couple tasting kits to share with you, via video of course, but we are yet to get enough space from the kids to enjoy it. Fingers crossed we get there soon.

Juuuuust in time for Lockdown 2.0 to begin. We drank wine. Here we are, back in isolation, back to being frustrated in one moment and grateful in the next. We are riding the rollercoaster that is the COVID-19 reality. We had just begun taking new bookings last week. I couldn't wait to see all the wineries we have missed the last six months! We have great respect for the people we meet along the way, the experience we create for our guests and ourselves. The freedom from small children. My goodness, how I miss that! We drank wine. Actually, we drank liquor too. I am a huge Billsons Beechworth fan. We were lucky enough to visit a couple of years ago. The new owners had just taken over and were making some special changes, anyway, they now have a liqueur line which is pretty delicious. Putting Beechworth on my visit list when all this is over.

However, all in all, we are grateful for our family, for the time we have together. So many families don't have that during this time. Families are losing loved ones, in isolation. We hope our business can grow during this time and cannot wait to see you all!

One last thing- we would dearly love your feedback and interaction during this time. Send us an email, call us 0423647690 or send a message. We would love to hear your experiences from lockdown, or if you're not currently in lockdown, share with us how your spending your time! Please let us know where you're planning on visiting on the other side of this. Would you like us to take you on a winery tour to a different region? Is there any changes to our tours you'd like to see? What can we do during this time to build a stronger and better business for you? Hope to hear from you soon! In the meantime, don't forget to drink wine.

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