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Welcome to our FIRST Blog!

We are succumbing to the technological world and have begun our blogging journey! Please be aware- I am useless at most of this technical stuff, so bare with us.

Life prior to COVID-19

You can read the reasons behind the start-up of our business on the website, but thought I'd give a quick introduction of who we are. We live on a farm in Hilldene, in rural Victoria. We (my little family of four, consisting of our 6 and 3 year old sons, my husband and myself), live on the same property as my parents and now, grandmother. My dad had a diagnoses of early onset Alzheimer's disease (he was 59 at the time). My grandmother has only recently joined us on the property, after the death of my grandfather. She also has Alzheimer's and Dementia. Therefore, we really value the good times in life. We like to laugh, smile, be silly and look on the lighter side of life. Wine & Dine Tours is really about helping you enjoy time with the people you love, taking the stress out of a day and helping you live (and laugh) for the now. Plus wine. And food. There are so many good times in life that circulate around these two incredible things- wine and food. We love wine and food. Life is way too short to eat bad food and hoard wine!

I have joined the blogging world as my business is unable to operate due to social distancing and rules put in the place to protect as many people from COVID-19 as possible. So, here we are. I'm sure this story will fluctuate and you will get a glimpse into our family life, our drinking and eating habits all at once. My absolute apologies in advance. Life is not always roses and pretty, but hey, that's why we have wine, right?! However, I have no idea how this works, so anyone with any blogging tips- PLEASE reach out before I make a shambles of this! Or, sit back and have a good belly laugh at our expense- we sure do!

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